AQUEST COVENT GARDEN JH RAE WC (12 pts - 1 major) -Lily

Ch MY Sky Watcher x Ch Aquest Short Hop To O'Hare, RE, WC, VC
Lily is owned and loved by Joan Donohue
* At age 8, finally got to get serious about something she loves the field.  She earned her
Junior Hunter and Working Certificate with no NQs. 
* Lily is a sweet golden who loves to play any activity
but her favorite game is retrieving especially birds. 

* Lily has twelve points/one major and several major reserves
all with her whiskers on.

* Lily went WB/BOW for a major and the next day picked went WB for 2 points. 
She needs a major to finish.

* Lily earned her Rally Novice in three trials with a 100, 97 2nd place and a 98 4th place.

* Lily earned her Rally Advance in three trials with two first places and one second.

* Lily picked up her first point the first time in the 12-18 month class
and has since added another point.
* Lily went WB/BOW the first time out in open.

* Lily is just starting out her show career and already has a 
Best Puppy in Match, specialty show placement & class win.