CH. Aquest's Sky Harbor, RAE, BN, WC, VC - Sky

Rest in Peace my sweet boy

CH Sunkota's Phorgone Conclusion OS x Arieh's Aquest On The Thames CDX RN JH NA WCX OD
Loved and Owned by his Breeder - Joan Donohue

In the last three weekends out as a class dog, Sky added 10 points to his total
with a Best of Breed, from the classes, over Specials and finished with a four-point major.

Sky's points were earned handled by Michael Scott.

Sky entered his Rally Novice on three very hot days in July 2006 with a 99, 97, 96
and one 2nd and one 4th placement.  Sky continued his winning way in Rally by finishing

his Excellent title with two FIRST placements.  Sky finished his RAE title with placements and perfect scores.
Sky earned his BN at the age of 10 in three trials with a first place.