SR Aquest Down Under JH, RAE, WC - Sydney


CH Goodtime's Best Case Scenario CD JH WC VCX OS SDHF x Arieh's Aquest On The Thames CDX RN JH NA WCX OD
Loved and Owned by his Breeder - Joan Donohue


* Sydney's WC was the easist title that I have ever earned.

* Sydney finished her NAHRA Started title in
four straight test with never a NQ. 

* Sydney received her JH with never NQed a test. 

* Sydney finished her Rally Advance title in three trials
with 2 first and 1 second placment. 

* Sydney finished her Rally Excellent title in three trials
with all first placements.

* Sydney finished her RAE title with multiple placements.

Sydney has multiple open class placements in very limited showing